Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ski Dubai

For those of you that don't know- Dubai has an indoor ski park that actually has real snow! There is about 22,500 square meters of space covered in snow. The area is kept just below freezing year round. The have a few different runs that you can either ski or snowboard. There's a snow park for kids and adults can just play in the snow and also instruction/lessons for all skill levels. They require certain skill level to be able to ski the slope and offer lessons for those not ready for it. Since Derek's been skiing/snowboarding since he was little he had no problem just hopping on the slope. My inexperienced self decided to try out my first time in snow with a snowboarding lesson. To put a long story short I'm not a natural like I was expecting!! :)

I bought a lesson ticket earlier that week to make sure I had a spot. We got there about 30-45 minutes before my lesson and Derek bought a 2 hour slope pass. When you walk in you pick up your shoes/boots and clothing. After putting on the ski pants and jacket you go and pick up your snow board/skis. There were lockers in the beginning area where we stored our shoes and my purse. After we were all ready Derek left me to fend for myself in my snow board lesson and he went to enjoy the slope.

The lesson started with a few minute safety lesson and general get to know your board. The next thing we did was go to the mini hill/ lesson area. You can either lead with your left foot or your right foot; with your left is called regular and with your right is called goofy footed. For me both ways felt goofy!! lol I knew then this probably wasn't going to be easy. Next, we scooted around the snow a little bit; all with only one foot strapped to the board. Then, we went up the little hill about halfway and tried to slide down. Apparently I turn my hips too much and can't go straight. One time down I almost ran into the little kids next to us!! Our last time we went all the way to the top of the hill and strapped in both feet. We went down the hill facing forward (as opposed to sideways) and kinda scooted down on the back side of the board. Basically on our heels. Derek found me at this point and took a few embarrassing pictures! Pretty much the whole time I was afraid of falling down, which just makes you tense and makes you fall down! I didn't have any huge spills but I definitely look pretty doing it.

So my conclusion on the whole snowboarding thing is:
-I was born in the South for a reason, snow stuff really isn't for me :)
-If I ever try snowboarding again I'm probably going to have to do a private lesson so someone can hold my hand for the first little bit
-my knee was fine but my confidence with my athletic ability isn't where it should be for me to do something crazy like learn to snow board (especially because the number 1 cause of a torn ACL is skiing!)
-learning to ski/snow board would be more fun with someone because then yall could laugh at each other as opposed to looking like an idiot all by yourself

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