Saturday, August 16, 2008

Burj Weekend Thursday- 400

All of the tourist books and online sights mentioned a trendy place in the Fairmont Hotel called “The 400 Club.” Even people at work had mentioned going there; especially because the Fairmont is across the street from out apartment. A guy we met in Abu Dhabi at the island party lives in Dubai and we’ve kept in touch through Facebook. He mentioned that he would be at 400 on Thursday so we figured this would be as good a time as ever to try it out.

We took a cab to the Fairmont that cost us a total of $2- it was that short of a ride. If it wasn’t 110-115 we could have walked. We walked up to the front door and there were groups of people standing around out front having trouble getting in. We went up to the most official looking guy with “the list.” After telling him it was only me and Derek, he let us right in. Good thing Derek has me with him, because they don’t usually let only guys in.

Inside was totally crazy. It is what I imagine all the fancy bars/clubs look like in LA. There were “Reserved” tables around the entire outside. The inside was filled with dark reds and blacks. The walls in the hallway to the bathroom were black crushed velvet. The bathroom had an attendant there to help with anything you might need. Like every other club here everyone bounces around and dances the whole time! It’s so much fun- you don’t have to worry about someone looking at you and making fun of your dancing. The crowd is so eclectic; there are people from literally all over the world. We ended up never finding our friend. It turns out he had a change of plans and we didn’t get his message until the next day. We still had a good time and that’s what matters!

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