Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Fairmont Hotel- Thursday Night

The Fairmont Hotel is located across the street from our apartment. In 110 degree weather I prefer to take a five minute taxi as opposed to walking- Derek thinks I'm crazy but I don't care, it is too darn hot for us to be walking anywhere!

One of the teams of people we've worked with invited us to a bar on the second floor of the Fairmont. It is Cin Cin and is known for its wine selection. I had one glass and it was pretty good! I'd recommend it if you ever came to Dubai. Three of the guys we worked with were there when we showed up at around 11PM. The ratio was as bad as it is everywhere here. In a crowded bar where there was barely any room to walk I could count the number of women on one hand! One of the girls standing by us lost an earring and was frantically trying to find it. Me, having grown up in the shop looking for the stuff dad has dropped, was the one to find it. She was so excited and wanted to become my best friend!! lol She and her friends bought me a drink because they were so happy.

We stayed upstairs at Cin Cin for about an hour or two and then decided to go dancing- it wasn't even my suggestion, it was the guy's idea. Man I love the nightlife here!! The club 400, which I've talked about before, is on the bottom floor of the Fairmont. Our group ratio wasn't very good either- just me and Derek (the Americans), "The Russian, The Indian, and The African" (we were adding to the eclectic crowd at the bar). When we got downstairs we had to camp out and find a group of girls that'd allow us to tag along so the boys could get in. Derek being the adventurous and outgoing Texan he is, got right on the task at hand. Within a few minutes there were two very nice Russian girls that helped us.

Once inside it was exactly like it had been the last time. The music was great and everyone was dancing. We had a great time! Ranjith (our coworker) who's married was put on curfew and had to leave before the end of the night :) . At the end of the night I let Derek and our coworker, that lives in the same building as we do, convince me to walk home. That was big mistake! It was miserable outside as always!! Honestly it was only a 10 minute walk and we took a covered bridge over the road; but by the time we got home I was hot, sweaty, and my shoes were completely covered in sand. I need to add that to the things I won't miss- all this darn sand!! lol Overall, it was once again a good night!

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