Sunday, August 17, 2008


I feel like I'm only writing about the weekends, but honestly we don't do much during the week. Our schedule goes- work, workout, watch the Olympics. The weekends are when we have time to do cool things and to explore Dubai and the UAE.

Unfortunately I missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I was really worried that I would find a channel that showed them. After a deeper look I found 3 or 4 channels but none of them were in English! The next day, thankfully, I found a channel that plays them in English. The English is the British version of English but at least I can understand and read what's going on. The announcers here are hilarious. Some of the things they say are so off the wall and totally random.

Usually after work I turn on the Olympics and can catch some of the days events or at least recaps. I've really enjoyed watching the women's volleyball matches I've caught. The swimming and Michael Phelps is absolutely crazy!! Track and diving are also favorites of mine. I'm actually Facebook friends with a guy that ran the 100M for Great Britain. He ran track for ATM a few years back. I don't really know why were friends because I don't think I've met him but it was kinda cool to see the pictures of the Olympics he put up. I've also found watching the USA guys basketball. The games are ridiculous!! the lat one I watched they won by 37 points against Spain who's last years (maybe this years? sometime recent, idk) World Champion. What's crazy to me is the whole team (besides Kobe, Kidd, and one other guy) is my age!!!!

I'm really hoping that the USA wins the medal race!! It kind of stinks that the Olympics end the day we head back because it means that I'll miss the closing ceremony too. Oh well!

GO USA!!!!

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