Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Week to go!!

With only one week left I decided to make a list...

10 Things I’m Going to Miss About Dubai/UAE:
1. mango everything
2. the nightlife- everyone dances here!
3. “house” music and the Lebanese
4. daily fresh made bread
5. twice a week free maid service
6. the generous hospitality everywhere
7. all the different shopping areas
8. the big city buildings
9. the beach/the gulf
10. relaxing evenings after work aka. no homework!

10 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Home:
1. my Blackberry (it’s my best friend and I miss it! lol)
2. Friends/Family (of course- it’s going to be nice to see familiar faces)
3. No more humidity/hot weather(feeling like you’re drinking every time you take a breath is not something you get used to)
4. Good “Texas” food- wings, BBQ, I want a big fat juicy steak
5. Not buying bottled water- USA=Free water!
6. my CHI hair straightener (it doesn’t work here because of the plugs or something- I’m tired of wild and uncontrollable hair)
7. Ice in my drinks
8. my own bed- soft fluffy pillows and blankets
9. Washer/Dryer aka. having it only take an hour to do laundry
10. a dishwasher

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