Sunday, August 17, 2008

Harley Davidson Dubai

On one trip to the mall we noticed that there was a Harley Dealership on the side of the road. Being my dad's daughter (that's kind of redundant!) I had to stop by and look before we left. To my inexperienced eyes every Harley Dealership looks pretty much the same. There were bikes and there were clothes. I did notice a few different things. For instance the Emirate head dress which is red and white. The Harley place had one embroidered with the Dubai/UAE owner's group. They also had some cool t-shirt designs that had camels and Arabic on them.

Next door to the Harley Dealership was an Exotic Cars store. We looked in and took a bunch of pictures. My favorites were the baby blue Lamborghini and the black Bently with red interior. I've never seen so many fancy cars in one place in my life! What's really amazing is that there are actually a lot of the luxury cars like that out on the road. There's a red Masarti that parks in the front of our apartment. Just yesterday when we were shopping a Lamborghini into the parking lot before us.

I can only dream right?? One day.... :)

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