Saturday, August 9, 2008


Someone at work told us that the most beautiful of the Emirates is Fujairah and that if we had time the beaches there were great. Last weekend we drove the two hours east to the coast. The drive was beautiful. There are mountains all the way up to the beach. So when you are in the water facing land you see large mountains in the background. On the way there we drove through the Emirate Sharjah. So we've been to 4 of the 7 Emirates- not too shabby I must say!

The ride there was quite interesting. We haven't found a great reasonably priced road map of the UAE (I think that goes along with their horrible driving here). We turned around a number of times and were pretty much driving blind the rest of the time. We finally arrived at the Sandy Beach Hotel where they let us use their beach and facilities for 75 Dhs. It was a nice, sunny day; about 51 degrees celsius (which equals freaking HOT!!). The ocean was a nice refreshing temperature but the pool was like warm bath water. We played in the ocean for a little bit and then played the paddle game on the sand. The rest of the afternoon I laid in the sun reading my book. Derek took a kayak to a rock island that was fairly close to the beach. He rented goggles and fins so he could do some snorkeling and take pictures underwater with his new camera. The drive back was a lot better but it still wasn't a perfect straight shot. After a long day in the sun we made it home and went straight to bed. I'll tell you what- this super hot weather sure takes the energy out of ya!

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