Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday- Gold Souk

After seeing much of the city and with only a week left we decided to go souvenir shopping. The have outside markets where you can bargain with the vendors and pick from any number of items. On Friday we decided to take a trip to the Gold Souk (where most of the stores specialize in jewelery). We got there around 2:30PM and most of the shops didn't open until 3:30. As soon as we walked up we stood out for sure. We were the lightest people there and I'm pretty sure I was the only woman. At the time there were a handful of stores open and these owners were on the streets trying to get everyone walking by to come to their store. Everywhere we walked somebody came up to us trying to get us to buy fake this and fake that. We went looking mostly for authentic Emirate outfits. Derek found his at this store that was no larger than the width of a door.

After only being there for 20 minutes both of us were already tired and hungry. I personally don't like getting harassed while shopping especially in 110 degree weather! So we left shortly after Derek got his outfit, mostly because there were no stores open and we wanted to get something to eat. After driving around for 20 minutes and not finding a gas station we decided to give up on shopping for the day. We stopped at a grocery store on the way home and picked up some food for dinner that night and for our last week here.

Since we were going to take it easy that night and stay in and watch the Olympics we decided to try and cook something different. I remembered really enjoying Dad's feta stuffed chicken and thinking it would be simple to make. So that's what we decided to cook. Derek tried feta cheese for the first time while he was here and really liked it. (I'm glad I influenced him to try new things!!) We got all the ingredients we needed (chicken and feta- really complicated, I know) and picked up some hot, fresh bread and some stuff to make salad (Derek's also come to enjoy eating salad- thanks to my influence!)

The bread was absolutely fabulous- I'm really going to miss the fresh bread that only cost 3Dhs (<$1). The chicken also turned out great!! I was honestly surprised because I had no idea what I was doing and totally winged it! Derek was very impressed!! :) I guess I do have some domestic qualities. So we ate dinner, watched the Olympics, and rested up for our next day at Ski Dubai.

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