Tuesday, July 1, 2008


All day Sunday I worked on my group project and studied for my English final. I made the mistake of starting to pack after midnight on Sunday. Needless to say I only got one hour of sleep Sunday night- between 4am and 5am! 

All the hard work payed off though. I am glad to say that my room is finally unpacked and clean for the first time since I moved in the middle of May. Plus I got an 88 on our final project and an A in my project management class!! yay :)

The plan was to leave College Station around 1 PM to allow plenty of time to get to the airport for our 6:50 flight. Good thing we allowed for so much time because we didn't end up leaving until 3!! Talk about stressful!

Derek and I got to the airport at 4:30 thanks to Meghan's awesome driving!! Thanks again Meghan- you rock! We ate dinner at some little diner in the airport- it was pretty good. Let me just say the DFW airport is sooooo much better than the Houston one! The Dallas airport just has so much more stuff to offer. This just adds to the many reasons why Houston is the worst city ever!! lol

We board the plane and thankfully have seats next to each other. I watched like 3 different movies and maybe slept a few hours here or there. Good thing I told everyone I have no problem sleeping on planes because I totally jinxed myself. I was so miserably uncomfortable the whole time!! But I guess that's going to happen when you sit in the same spot for 15 hours!

The guy sitting next to me turned out to be an accountant also. He went to the University of Houston and works at UHY (a public accounting firm). He told me that Dubai would be an awesome place to live and some of the cool things we could go see. He also asked if Derek was my boyfriend! lol (I think I'm going to start counting how many times we get asked that, cuz I have a feeling it's going to be a lot!).

We got off the plane and found out that we don't need a visa because we'll be here for less than 60 days. Derek and I didn't stand out at all! haha yea right- you can definitely tell we are not from around here. I guess it doesn't help that I was wearing my maroon crocs!! WHOOP! :) Derek was right though, there are like NO women here!! I think I saw 5 the whole time we were in the airport. 

Someone had to check our passports before we could exit the airport. The guy that checked mine said I had a "beautiful smile" and then continued to ask me about what I was doing here, where I came from, and where I would suggest he go visit in the US. When I told him we came from Houston, Texas, he was like "is that close to Canada?!?!?" I just smiled and was like DEFINITELY not! hehe

We made it to the hotel apartments fine and ate at a little Italian restaurant around the corner. We ate pepperoni pizza- how authentic I know. We start work at 8:30AM tomorrow and we'll find out then what were going to be doing! 

BIG HUGS!!! I miss yall already!


AJ said...

I love your blog Cassie! Sounds like they really love Americans over there. That's awesome. So, how was that pizza? If you can, look for some Chicken Schwarma. It's amazing. What's the housing place like?

Chinemelu D. Elonu Jr. said...

Houston is the best city ever and i hope that you have a blast over there....keep in touch!

Elaine said...

ok Rolly, way for us to get information from everyone else first! ie Aunt Amy. Let us know how it's going, and please remind me how to get to the blog again! I know, you'll be doing it every week...
Hugs back!

Andy said...

Glad you made it without any problems!! Having done long flights before we can relate, they suck! But when you get there it's all worth it. We just got back from watching Kaboom town with your parents. Dallas Rocks. Wish you were here. Happy 4th!!
Big Hugs from Susan and Andy
Lots of wet kisses from Maggie and Conrad