Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since we’ve been here Derek and I have seen 3 movies. Hancock, Wanted, and Batman. They have most Western movies here but they don’t usually come out at the exact same time as they do in the United States.  Wanted came out about two weeks later and Batman was one week later.  All three movies were great and I would definitely suggest seeing them.  I sure do miss $4 movies in College Station because tickets here are 30 AED, about $10. The coolest part about the theaters here are that the tickets are assigned seats. It’s really nice to not have to get there hours early. The only downside is that sometimes the movies are edited like I was talking about with the internet. If you notice we’ve seen nothing but action movies. I’ve tried to convince Derek to go see Mama Mia or something like that with me, but of course he says there’s no way. I think next time we go the movies I’m going to see one and he can go see another one.

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