Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Derek and I tried doing laundry the other night for the first time. We bought laundry soap when we went to the grocery store last week. Surprisingly Tide was the cheapest by far! The advertisement for the apartment says there's a washer and dryer. When you get into the apartment there is a laundry room just off the kitchen, but there is only one machine in there. I originally just assumed it was a washer and was horrified by the thought of having to air dry everything. After looking into it more it seemed like this one machine did both. So being the wimp that I am I let Derek go first. Good thing because after about 2 hours- it still wasn't done washing and we decided to go to sleep. I checked on it in the morning and sure enough the clothes were soaking wet! I tried another button or two and hoped they'd dry this time around. I left it on when we left for work- and sure enough when we got home they were still soaking wet. Derek finally decided to just take them out and air dry everything.

I wasn’t going to be beat by a machine so I changed a few buttons and tried washing my clothes. It took almost 3 hours but everything came out somewhat dry. I think if I added some more time next time they would come out completely dry. Derek was super jealous because he even had someone from the front desk come help and he couldn’t even figure it out either.

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