Friday, July 11, 2008

Scott Strittmatter Rocks!

So I found out today that Derek's little brother is famous. Him and his friends get together and play dodge ball on a regular basis. They entered a local tournament in Euless, kicked butt, and won the whole thing! The prize was the entry into the world tournament in Las Vegas in August. Yes, just like the movie. I had no idea the movie was based on real life- I just thought it was some crazy producer's way of making money. Apparently the tournament really does happen.


Of course they need to practice for the tournament- so they've been using a local public tennis court in Carrollton. Well the Carrollton police didn't like this very much and have kicked them off for "destruction of property." They even gave one kid a ticket! Scott being a very enthusiastic person went to the local TV stations and told them his story. They put his story on TV, not just on one station but on two!


Here are the clips for the videos from both ABC and CBS:

ABC Channel 8:

CBS Video:

CBS Story:


Scott is also a freaking amazing graphic artist. He comes up with really cool designs and puts them on t-shirts and stuff. He designed our t-shirt for Chilifest which came out totally awesome. (I'll try and find a picture of it and post it. For those of ya'll that don't know Chilifest is equivalent to a "country music Woodstock" so Derek says. Really it's a two day concert that includes a lot of Texas country and a chili cook-off on the first night when people camp out. This year was my first and last experience there- it's really just a muddy mess. Tessa, Aaron, Derek, and I dunked our rings there this year. 44 seconds WHO8P! Derek wanted me to put in that he won with a time of 30 seconds.)


Anyways, he made t-shirts for their dodge ball team, called Adrenaline Rush, and he's made a website where you can buy stuff with their logo on it. It's really cool- I'm very impressed by him!

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