Wednesday, July 9, 2008

THE Paddle Game

So Derek fell in love with this paddle game he played before we left- and he had to have it and wanted to play it on the beach here. Luckily, the Club place in our apartments sold the game. Of course Derek bought it and showed me how to play. It's not a hard concept. It involves two paddles, a little bigger than a ping pong paddle but the same concept. The other piece is a ball about the size and weight of a bouncy ball. So you hit the ball back and forth between the two people. The End.

Haha. Actually the game is really fun! We played for the second time today and we definitely were better today then we were last time. We play for about 20 or 30 minutes at a time. You wouldn't think it would be a great work out but it turns out to be because you're moving around the whole time. Well maybe we move around because we not great but still. Plus what crazy people do something physical outside in 115 degree weather!? Of course we're those crazy people. We play outside by the pool in this little 10 x 15 (ish) piece of grass. It's really cool because you're in a residential type area but there are skyscrapers all around you. I would imagine it's  a lot like doing something outside in central park. Today was also the first day we saw BLUE!!! sky. It's so brown here all the time it was nice to see a little piece of pretty sky!

We use the game as a warm up and then go work out in the little gym at out apartments.
The rec area has a small weight room area, a sauna and a steam room (I don't know why they have these- its like a sauna outside!). The girl's locker room is pretty nice too. I of course don't know about the guy's locker room- but I did get called Derek's wife while were getting a tour our first day! (yuck! :) lol - no offense derek! you know I love ya!)

On the way back to our room I realized that I like it here. Today's the first time I've really felt like that (no worries tho- I don't have plans on moving here!) Before that I've enjoyed certain things but have still been hesitant of it as a whole. The people have all been nice. I really had fun the day we went to the movies, the beach, and the zoo. Works better now that were settled in a little bit. If you don't spend too much time outside the weather isn't too bad (especially since I can't stand the rain and they get like 1 inch all year!- it probably won't even rain while were here). Today everything just kind of fit together. I can understand why everything is under construction and being built up. I would definitely come back and visit or work for a few weeks here and I would suggest it to anyone who's interested in visiting!

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