Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This post is mostly for Monica because the first thing she asked me when I talked to her was "Have you had to eat anything weird?!?"

I came here knowing that I would have to be opened minded about the culture, about the dress, basically about everything. I was told before we got here that they have a lot of westernized restaurants and I shouldn't have any major problems. Well our first night here Derek and I ate pizza at an Italian place (fantastic!! were going to eat there again this weekend, especially because it's literally in the building next door!). We ate at an Italian restaurant for lunch on our first day of work (which was in the building we work in). We ate at a pizza place that's also in the building we work in. The other day we tried a sandwich type place in our building- I had a salad that I didn't really care for (Derek finished it because he'll eat pretty much anything!).

There's a grocery store in the building next to our apartment that has a few things but nothing like you would think. We picked up some eggs for breakfast, some canned food items, and some bread. Well Derek tried the eggs first and they came out ORANGE!! He said they still tasted the same but I don't really like eggs that much! After he told me that I decided I could live without eggs for two months ( I gave him the rest of mine). 

At night we try and eat in some so we don't spend all of the money we're earning while we are here. Yesterday we ate the Club that's connected to our apartments. It was actually really good! I had grilled chicken with rice, vegetables, and salad. Derek had curry chicken and I confirmed that I am not a fan of curry! but I would definitely eat there again. We also received a drink voucher when we got here- so we decided to use it yesterday at dinner. I order a margarita. Big mistake- I took about three sips and decided not to finish it. Good thing it was free!! I should have known when there was a lemon in it instead of lime. The night before last we stayed in and cooked (actually microwaved) canned chili and corn- I know were so classy! As horrible as it sounds it actually rocked! I don't know that I've ever like chili so much! We took a picture- I'll definitely try and put that one up asap.

Today for lunch we went to this place that was kind of a buffet, kind of like Luby's set up. It was actually pretty nice- about 50 Dhs, about $13 or so. I had veal (for the first time ever!) with mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was absolutely fantastic. Derek had some shrimp dish that he thought was great also. Since we had a big lunch today we decided to eat light for dinner and cook something. Derek bought chicken hot dogs at the grocery store. Let me tell you they were as horrible as you think they would be! We loaded them with Heinz Ketchup and when you took a bite out of it- they melted or mushed in your mouth. It was absolutely disgusting. I would suggest never eating chicken hot dogs- it's not worth it!

I'm sure we'll try all sorts of other foods and I'll make sure to comment on those as well. I think Arabic food is what is indigenous to the area, but honestly everything here is so eclectic, every kind of food is available. 

I think the food I miss the most so far is wings- so please eat some wings and some fried pickles for me!


Susan said...

Orange eggs - think the chickens were t-sips?? Ha!Ha!

Thanks for sending the blog. Andy & I have really been enjoying keeping up with what is going on in your neighborhood. It's almost like going there myself!

Guess your mom filled you in on our new wheels. It's pretty cool - can't wait to give you a ride.

Keep up the adventures - you are making great memories!!!

-Susan & Andy

Andy said...

The kids are always asking me what interesting things I've eaten when I'm on the road. When I was in China Jacob and Sam requested daily email updates. I tend to be on the adventurous side when it comes to food, some of those emails were very entertaining.

Have fun and be safe...

AJ said...

I'm so glad you are leaving all these details. You never really get a grasp of what the culture is like until you hear specifics like this. It's music to my ears. Hope you keep it up. I'm really enjoying reading these.