Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adventure 1

Derek and I went on our first adventure Thursday night. Let me begin with the fact that Derek forgot his running shoes in our rush to pack everything on time. So we decided we’d try and find a mall with our free time after work. We talked with the front desk of our apartment and he suggested a mall that was about a 10 min taxi ride from where we were. Well Derek being the crazy guy he is said no way let’s walk this way towards the water and towards a shopping center that way.  I made the mistake of letting Derek take the lead and be in charge of the map. An hour later, hot, sweaty, and tired we kinda found what you’d call stores.

Ok maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but we did walk pretty far in the over 100 degree weather. We did run into some cool places. I think we passed two what is considered malls, and lots of restaurants and shops. For being in a foreign country there were many things that reminded me of home. Lots of ice cream- there was a baskin robin’s, haagin dazs, and even a marble slab!! I also saw a Starbucks, a Subway, and a McDonalds. We also saw a really pretty masque, an awesome resort/hotel, and lots of sand.  I took a few cool pictures of the masque and found a post card with the masque on the front.

Wednesday we decided to go to the local “grocery store” and pick up some food to eat. The store was super small and had very little to eat (although they did have Dr. Pepper- yay!)  I think the only meat product we found were chicken hot dogs. Sounds great doesn’t it!! Lol I left the store with about 3 things thinking oh gosh I’m going to starve here! Well the coolest part of our walking adventure was discovering this place called Spinney’s or something like that. It turned out to be a large grocery store. They had everything!! Derek and I were so excited.  They had all types of meat, great cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, fish; u name it and it was there. We decided to wait and go back after we got the rental car and could really go shopping. I think it took us literally and hour to walk there. It's funny that a grocery store could make someone so happy!

 So after walking around for a while we decided it was time to eat. We ended up eating at Friday’s. I know- we totally pulled a closed minded tourists thing! But we couldn’t help it- it was the closest place we could eat and I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion!  The food actually turned out great- Derek said it was better than any Friday’s he had ever ate at! The atmosphere was totally cool too, they even had a TO jersey hanging up! (cough cough Aubrey- he’s even famous here a million miles away, and Friday’s didn’t burn up their jersey!! Lol) I told Derek we could eat at a very authentic place the next day, since I made him do something so “American.”

 The walk home took us 45 mins to and hour. But we made it back with out Derek, the navigator, running us into any problems. Thank goodness cuz I was worried there for a minute!

Until the next adventure...Cass

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