Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daniel's in Town!

I have a fraternity brother that has been living and working all over the world. He’s been living in Doha, Qatar for the last few months; which is about an hour flight from Dubai. He works for a UK company called Oxford Business Group that reports on the economies of emerging countries. It seems like one the most interesting jobs ever. He meets with Kings, CEO’s and all sorts of interesting people. He usually stays in a country for about six months and then moves on to another project. I think it’s the perfect thing for Derek to get into because he loves to travel and explore so much. Daniel came into town this weekend and acted as our tour guide. His first night in town we went to dinner and out to a club called Elegante.

Daniel’s company has a team set up in Abu Dhabi and friends that are currently working there. So on Friday we went to Abu Dhabi, which is another emirate in the UAE. It’s about an hour drive; if you take a left from our apartment and drive straight you’ll hit Abu Dhabi, it’s that easy! In Abu Dhabi we went to an Island Party from 2pm-10pm and then went to a club in the Embassy Palace called Embassy (so original!). We spent the night in a hotel and did tourist stuff on Saturday. We also explored the Abu Dhabi mall.

After leaving the mall, we headed back to Dubai. We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Café and then went and saw Batman. This was by far the most fun weekend we’ve had since we’ve been here. It helps to see a friendly face and have someone else our age to interact with besides Derek!! (don’t worry he totally feels the same way about me). I'll do more blogs later with more details about each event.

Daniel- Thanks again for such a great weekend! I really did learn so much about the region (more than I ever could in a book!). Hope to see you again soon!

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